Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daycare/ School

Ok this is a call out for HELP to all the mothers out there!

As you know I have a sweet, loving, adorable little boy, Brock. He's 2 1/2 and doing very well considering it's the "terrible two's" phase. So with that in mind... he's a very strong-willed and stubborn little boy (I wonder where he gets that from.. haha) who always wants his way about every little thing. Something he has always struggled with is when I drop him off at daycare. I call it school... Brock calls it "Debbie's House" (That's one of his teachers). So upon dropping him off he will NOT walk into the school holding my hand. He demands to be carried while I'm also juggling his bag, lunch, sheet and blanket, and any toy he has to take with him. There are days when I try to force him to walk next to me but he just sits on my foot and I end up dragging him. Needless to say, it usually makes a scene.

So then we go inside where I sign him in, put up his bag and lunch, and take him to the big gym where all the "early birds" stay until all the teachers arrive. They have a little kids table set up for them to sit down and eat their breakfast and then they are free to play with the bikes and other riding toys he loves. Now, there are usually two teachers there in the early morning... Becky and some other lady I can't remember her name...for the sake of this story we'll call her "The Grinch".

Ok so Becky is this lovely older lady who just has the sweetest voice and lovely smile all the time (even at 6:45am!). She gets down on Brock's level and comforts him when he doesn't want me to leave. This makes him feel more comfortable and the fussing usually stops and settles down quickly with her. We LOVE Ms.Becky.

Ok so "The Grinch" is this other older lady who never smiles, has a harsh/ frustrated tone in her voice, and usually ignores Brock when he fusses. Whenever "The Grinch" is the only teacher in the gym in the morning it's like pulling teeth to get Brock off of me and stop fussing so I can leave. He usually ends up on the gym floor kicking and screaming and it embarrasses me so bad in front of the other parents. "The Grinch" just stands there and gives me dirty looks like I'm a bad mother who can't control her own child. I hate the way she makes me feel!

So after seeing this pattern continue for months and months I've come to the conclusion that when it's Becky or any other teacher in the morning, Brock does great! No seperation anxiety or screaming. But when "The Grinch" is there, even if Becky or another teacher is there as well, Brock screams and throws a horrible fit.

With all that being said... what do I do? I obviously know what the problem is but I just don't know what I can do about it. Should I say something to the Director? One thing I have done is verbally praise and thank Becky and the other teachers in front of "The Grinch" thanking them for being so loving and patient with Brock and always making him feel comfortable when he's away from me.

Any suggestions or encouragement will be greatly appreciated! Please pray that whatever Brock is scared of goes away. It breaks my heart every morning that he cries when I leave. I'm strong until I get in my car and then it's all I can do to not burst out in tears. I hate seeing him with that scared look on his face. I want to be there for him and it's at those moments I know I can't be.

This is really tearing me up inside...

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  1. Hey Bethany! I haven't seen you since middle school, but I saw your blog link on facebook & thought I'd check it out. I'm so sorry you're having daycare issues. That's tough. I would probably ask the director if there is anything going on during the day that hasn't been brought to your attention. Sometimes if there are "minor" issues, they don't always tell the parents.